A unique territory with a unique history.

350 years
of history


Rooted in the Canadian history

1674 to 2012
Kenauk has a rich history dating back to 1674. Initially, this seigneurial estate of 259 square kilometers was bequeathed by the King of France to Monseigneur Laval, the first Bishop of Quebec. Over nearly 350 years, the property has had only four other owners, all of whom have successfully maintained this parcel of land as a single entity, minimally affected by human operations.

A turning point in Kenauk’s history

This 65,000-acre property is now up for sale. Located between Montreal and Gatineau, and easily accessible via highways, it has attracted the interest of numerous land developers. The key issue is that the territory is an integral part of an important wildlife corridor essential for the migration of several species, and its preservation is crucial. In 2013, a unique partnership was formed between Nature Conservancy of Canada and four Canadian families with the ambitious goal of preserving this territory in perpetuity, thus maintaining the wild state of Kenauk’s forests and lakes.

More than 10 years after the property was acquired, conservation efforts have multiplied, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the territory, which will remain intact for the benefit of the community and future generations.

A decade of discoveries and accomplishments

2013 to 2023
In addition to conservation and its role as a research and education center for future generations through the Kenauk Research Institute, the territory is open to the general public year-round through Kenauk Nature. A fish hatchery was also established to provide visitors with unparalleled fishing experiences and to supply high-quality fish to restaurants in our beautiful province. Learn more about the Kenauk entities.

Explore Kenauk

Kenauk Nature

Open year-round, the outfitter allows visitors to enjoy unique experiences in the great outdoors.

Its 22 eco-responsible and luxurious chalets are ideal for families, friends, colleagues who want to be in the heart of Canadian nature.

Discover a completely wild playground for your outdoor activities, located less than 90 minutes from Montreal and Ottawa.

Kenauk Institute

The Kenauk Institute was founded in 2014 with the mission to support, coordinate and supervise scientific research, involve local schools in environmental education, and connect Kenauk with the broader community. With the role of custodian of the property, the Kenauk Institute ensures the protection of one of the largest plots of temperate forest in the world.

The vision is to establish a baseline inventory of biodiversity and monitor the property with a 100 year time horizon. With time, Kenauk will become a laboratory for monitoring climate change and human impacts.

Kenauk Hatchery

Since 1920, the hatchery has been in partnership with exclusive institutions in Quebec providing them with the highest quality fresh trout. Whether on a secluded lake during a fishing trip or a fine dining institution, once you discover the Kenauk trout, you’re hooked.

Learn about the key factors that make our product so unique.

Together, let’s
protect Kenauk



Choosing Kenauk means consciously choosing to invest in something bigger.
To be exact, it is to invest in 265 square kilometers of nature for future generations.
It is with your support, your commitment and your trust that we can continue
to preserve our forests, lakes and other natural wonders.

Choosing Kenauk is your contribution to conservation, research, education and many other
fantastic projects that help us maintain a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, protected in perpetuity.

On behalf of partners, employees, scientists, researchers,
students and local communities who get involved with Kenauk: thank you!