Kenauk Institute and Earth day

Kenauk Institute and Earth day

On April 22nd, the world will celebrate Earth Day, a global day dedicated to raising awareness about the environment and promoting positive actions to protect our planet. With over 60 lakes, 65,000 acres of forest, and a diverse range of wildlife and plant species, Kenauk is one of the largest private nature reserves in North America and an ideal location for a research institute. Thanks to its perfect watershed and wildlife corridor, Kenauk’s property offers endless possibilities for research.

The Kenauk Institute is a non-profit organization located on the Kenauk Nature property. Its mission is to support, coordinate, and supervise scientific research, involve local schools in environmental education, and connect Kenauk with the community. The vision is to establish a reference inventory of biodiversity and monitor the territory with a 100-year horizon. In the long term, Kenauk will become a monitoring laboratory for climate change and human impacts.

One of the longer-term goals is to protect the Kinonge River watershed and the wildlife corridor, ensuring ecological connectivity between the Papineau-Labelle wildlife reserve and Mont-Tremblant National Park. Indeed, the continuous forest cover north of Kenauk offers conditions conducive to animal migration.

On the occasion of Earth Day, the Kenauk Institute team invites citizens to mobilize for the environment by adopting concrete actions to reduce their ecological footprint.