Temporary suspension of accommodations and activities

Dear guests and friends,
Following the current situation with COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) and the latest government recommendations, we would like to inform you that all activities and chalets at Kenauk Nature will be closed until May 15th. For all priority accommodation requests, we will remain available.

Rest assured that we take this situation very seriously, our team remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation in real time and responding rapidly as developments evolve.

Please direct all inquiries to the following email: info@kenauk.com,

We appreciate your comprehension.

Your trusted team at Kenauk Nature

Healthy Holidays: floating sauna and zenitude

Healthy Holidays: floating sauna and zenitude

This autumn, treat yourself to the benefits of a Finnish sauna… that floats!

A stay at Kenauk Nature is comparable to an experience in a health center or spa, especially if you take the opportunity to rent the floating sauna. With the regular movement of small lapping waves, the relaxation and detoxification of the sauna will take you to new levels of serene. In addition to providing a feeling of total well-being, the sight of the explosive fall colors will make the experience that much more special and will allow you to leave with peace of mind. If you want our opinion: the sunset is a perfect time to try it!

Suggested use of the Kenauk Nature floating sauna:

1. Enjoy the sauna for relaxation, detoxification and softening of the skin, to relieve sore muscles after sustained physical exertion and to soothe mental fatigue, tension and stress. Please note that it is very important to hydrate throughout the detoxification process.

2. Jump into the fresh lake water to stimulate blood circulation, restore muscle flexibility and improve sleep. The alternation of hot and cold is essential to maximize the benefits of the wood sauna. Do not be reluctant to dive!

3. Repeat as many times as you want!

The floating sauna works like a regular sauna, with a wood furnace, the only difference being that it is on a floating barge.

It is delivered to your chalet fully equipped and with detailed instructions. It has a waiting room and an outdoor seating area. With a capacity of 6 people, this sauna is ideal for couples, large groups and families.

The sauna is available only for chalets located on Papineau Lake, which includes Papineau Chalet, Cedar Chalet, Commandant Chalet, Hidden Chalet and FairLight Chalet.