Galia Vaillancourt

Galia has been guiding at Kenauk Nature for 14 years and is our resident expert in the plants and insects that abound on the property. Working out of the Whitefish Lake picnic area throughout the summer, Galia is at home both on the nature trails or kayaking through the marsh lands across the lake and she is happy to share her extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna in French, English or Spanish. Our bees are her most recent pet project and it is fascinating to watch as she works with the hives, from the security of our screened observation hut.

Olivier Maurais

After obtaining a fish and wildlife degree in Quebec, Olivier moved west to work for Parks Canada for 4 years in Yoho and Banff National Parks, then returned to join the Kenauk Nature team 9 years ago. His energy and enthusiasm are sure to entertain as he shares his knowledge of the wildlife on the property. Equally at home fishing or instructing on the Sporting Clay course, Olivier’s enthusiasm for the outdoors is contagious.

Jean-Sebastien Brulotte

Originally trained as a forestry technician, Jean-Sebastien’s knowledge of the forest at Kenauk Nature has been honed from 13 years spent hiking into every corner. As a guide and game warden, Jean-Sebastien is comfortable discussing all aspects of the management of the forest and wildlife on the property whether it is with a group or family enjoying a day of hiking, canoeing or kayaking. He is also a talented instructor at the Sporting Clay course.