Filming Location in Nature

Kenauk Nature offers multiple production sites for film making, TV show production,  commercials and content creation. Get in touch with our team to find your next ideal production site. The production sites located on our pristine nature reserve sites, near Montreal and Ottawa, all offer unique and breathtaking views.

+ Unique Filming Location

+ Accommodations for the Entire Production Team

Films shot at Kenauk:

Kenauk Nature has been the location for several films that have harnessed the natural beauty and tranquility of this unique environment. Of these films, “In Love and War” captured the essence of romance in a picturesque setting, while “Mother Night” stars the talented Nick Nolte in an emotionally powerful narrative. Additionally, “The Spiderwick Chronicles” transports viewers to a fantasy world filled with mysterious creatures.

TV shows filmed at Kenauk:

Kenauk Nature has also been chosen as the setting for numerous television shows. Viewers were able to discover the riches of Quebec’s nature through programs such as “Chefs des bois” and “50 façons de tuer sa mère”. In addition, “Orchestra Camp”, “Kalamouche”, “Hooké” and “Québec Vol d’Oiseau” were also shot on this magnificent site. Whether exploring outdoor adventures, discovering local wildlife or immersing yourself in Quebec culture, Kenauk Nature provides the perfect backdrop for quality programming.

Commercials and advertisements filmed at Kenauk:

Kenauk Nature has served as a scenic backdrop for many high-profile commercials and commercials. Brands such as Subaru, Garnier, the Government of Canada and Sport Experts have chosen Kenauk to showcase their products and services. Kenauk Nature offers a natural and stunning aesthetic that enhances the impact of advertising campaigns.