Fly Fishers International Rendez-Vous 2022 at Kenauk Nature

Fly Fishers International Rendez-Vous 2022 at Kenauk Nature

On September 10th and 11th, 2022 Fly Fishers International (FFI) will be hosting the first edition of Rendez-Vous Kenauk at the renowned fishing destination of Kenauk Nature. This event will be a succession of fly-casting workshops for single and two-handed rods. In all, the workshops will include 12 group casting workshops for one-handed rods, 5 workshops for two-handed rods, 5 presentations on different types of casting, 4 fly tying courses, 4 scientific workshops, and not to mention the popular individual clinics.

A total of 27 FFI certified instructors from all over North America will be present to offer these workshops. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, the various workshops offered will allow you to learn and improve your casting technique.

Workshop and Presentations Schedule:

Registration is now closed (September 9th)

Costs are $50.00 / day (unlimited number of workshops) / person

100 spots available per day

Kenauk also offers many accommodation options to complete your experience.  For more information on accommodations, contact: info@kenauk.com 1-800-567-6845

Pat Johnson at: fishing@kenauk.com