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The Manoir Papineau by Parks Canada

Kenauk Nature is the remaining area of the original Seigniory de la Petite Nation, which was granted to Bishop Laval in 1674 by King Louis 14th of France. In 1801 the property was bought by the Papineau family who built a large manor on the side of the Ottawa River. Part of the grounds at Fairmont Le Château Montebello, The Manoir Papineau National Historic Site is a unique example of a seigniorial manor that belonged to Louis-Joseph Papineau, lord of the Petite-Nation. Built in 1850, Manoir Papineau is a page straight out of 19th century history that opens right before your eyes, the grand estate of Louis-Joseph Papineau, the man who was to become a leading figure in Canadian politics. Take an excursion into the life of the head of Francophone patriots. On the menu: a guided tour of the manor and its outbuildings. Nostalgia is guaranteed.  For more information visit the Manoir Papineau website.

Parc Oméga

Located close by Kenauk Nature is a fenced 1,500-acre wildlife habitat. Guests can view many wild animals, including Red deer, Corsican Moufflon, Wapiti, Deer, Bison, Wolves and many more, depending on the season and all from the safety of your own vehicle. Guests drive along a ten-kilometer drive where the animals are literally feet from your vehicle. Located between Highway 50 and the entrance gate to Kenauk Nature, the park is easily accessed and driving directions are available from the entrance gate to Kenauk Nature. For more information visit the Parc Omega website.

ChocoMotive & Old Train Station

ChocoMotive is an artisanal chocolate shop and Economuseum that offers an assortment of organic and fair-trade chocolates made with local and native products. Watch them as they carefully craft their chocolate masterpieces. Located in the old Montebello train station, built in 1931, there is also a visitor information center and an interpretation center commemorating the railway transportation era in the Petite-Nation region. For more information visit the ChocoMotive website.

Fromagerie Montebello

Discover Montebello’s very own cheese factory and savor local products, home-made ice cream and jams, and of course, the best cheese you will ever taste! For more information visit the Fromagerie website.

Les Brasseurs de Montebello

Discover this local pub where you will find the best craft brews, such as the Kenauk Ale which is made using our very own honey.  All of the beers are inspired by local history and support local artisanal shops by pairing their beers with local products. For more information visit the Brasserie website.