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Kenauk Nature is one of North America’s largest and oldest private fish and game reserves. This vast 65,000 acre private estate was established in the 19th century to conserve and protect the wildlife habitat. More than 100 years later, a staff of biologists continue to maintain nature’s balance and preserve the reserve’s spectacular resources. Our habitat management plan, established with the Quebec government, strives to maintain healthy populations of large deer and moose, which results in the kind of hunting experience that keeps our hunters coming back year after year. Our management plan is reviewed annually and revised in accordance with changes in population levels.

During the hunting season, Kenauk Nature also offers our successful hunters a variety of additional activities, including excellent trout and bass fishing, a 9-station sporting clay course, and more.

Please note that all of our hunting packages can be enhanced with a unique meal service from le Comptoir-Épicerie Signé Toqué


This fully guided hunt maintains stable moose populations on the property by harvesting a limited number of bull and cow moose each fall. The quota is revised annually based on triennial population estimates obtained through government aerial surveys.

Management: Rifle hunting only

Packages: Our packages include 5 nights accommodation in a private chalet, 4.5 days of hunting on a private territory of 10,000 acres, and a professional guide that’s exclusive to your group throughout the duration of your stay. Please contact us for pricing and a personalized package!

* Watch the QVO Moose Hunting Episode at Kenauk Nature


Kenauk adheres to the Quality Deer Management (QDM) strategy (in effect since 2008) and we only allow hunting for male deer with six points or more. In order to support the growth of our deer population and offer a sustainable hunt for generations to come, we are also reducing our baited hunting. As always, our guides are ready to provide a unique and high quality hunting experience for our guests.

Management: Rifle hunting only and QDM (males with 6 points or more)

Packages: We have many packages that include accommodations in a private chalet, hunting on a private territory of 2,000 acres or more as well as different levels of territory preparation by a professional guide, depending on your group’s preferences. 

* Watch the Deer Hunting video at Kenauk Nature – Michel Therrien


Packages: Please contact us for pricing and a personalized package!

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