Discover your Greatest Week

Discover your Greatest Week

Cut the digital leash with a week-long adventure in Quebec’s off-grid outdoor sports paradise

It’s a rare thing in this increasingly noisy world to steal away to a peaceful place; to find breathing room between the frequencies that rule the day-to-day. We use words like getaway, staycation, and disconnect, but do any of these words accurately describe what we seek?

Often we end up on an escape that only leads to crowds of people doing the same damn thing. We stay in our cities to “discover” new places on the same old streets. We crave movement, sweat, and excitement, but instead stand in slow-moving lines. Perhaps the biggest lie of a word we tell ourselves when we try to “get away” is the mythical but often misguided “disconnect.” We take trains, planes, and automobiles to remote luxury enclaves where we continue to live inside our telephones while absentmindedly gobbling up the same Netflix true crime series. “Do you wish to keep watching?” the machine asks us every 40 minutes. We always say yes, but we rarely choose. Life just sort of…happens.



At Kenauk Nature, we get the need to truly disconnect; the allure of making bold, wild choices. That’s why we dedicated 65,000 acres (265 square kilometres) of raw, emerald forest and refreshing lakes to conservation and leisure. This gem of a property is located somewhere way, way out there, yet so close to home. Sure, we have luxury chalets for those who wish to experience an impossibly comfortable experience, but we know intrepid souls demand more than radiant floors, floating saunas, and pool tables.

Adventurers want to be out there. Truly disconnected, with the digital leash cut clean. Let’s get back to nature. Let’s go off grid.

That’s why we came up with a week-long package for those who want to discover, acknowledge, and end their online dependency with outside adventure and elevated heart rates, because this is so, so much more than a digital detox. Imagine seven days in the heart of Canadian nature, less than a 90 minute-drive from Montreal or Ottawa. Right in the middle of nothing at all. Here, the Classic Series of 12 rustic chalets replaces the repetitive treadmill of life with real footsteps through a real big wilderness.

Off grid. Unplugged. For real.

There’s a full marathon (42 km) of trails to run, free of vehicle horns and knee-smashing pavement. Every road is a bike lane here, and gravel riding reigns king. Spin in the saddle for hours free from the chaotic traffic you’ve learned to ignore, and find out what lies behind the soundtrack of the city. Birds singing. Creeks bubbling. You’ll recall what trees smell like. The voice inside your head will slow down and become a gentler friend. Swim in your own private lake, free of chlorine or constraints, with only the haunting call of loons to signal the victory of each lap. Fish. Stretch. Sleep. Tell tall tales unencumbered by Google fact checking. Sip on a lakeside Rosé. Cook over an open flame. Finish with silent meditation or shared laughter in a floating wood-fired sauna. Trust us, the star-lit heavens will illuminate your soul unlike any experience found under urban streetlights.

Bring a friend. Bring the family. Bring your loved ones that you want to give 100% of your attention to. We make it easy to connect without digital interference. Yes, if you need it, we can include a dependable WiFi for that forgotten late-Friday work email but—just to keep your off-grid adventure honest. Take the time to recharge the device that needs it most: your curiosity.

All of this starts from $99 per person per night in quadruple occupancy. Got more than four intrepid adventurers? We have a dozen Classic chalets just waiting to remind you of the outdoor adventure that lies beyond screens in the wilds of Quebec.

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