Fly Fishing School

Learn the art of fly casting

Come and try our new and exciting fly fishing lessons! All are welcome to take lessons with our experienced casting instructors who offer several classes ranging from beginner to advanced. Our instructors and lesson content are certified by the Fly Fishers International (FFI), whose mission is ensuring that the fly fishing legacy continues by focusing on conservation, education and a sense of community. Our centre is in expansion and offers grass casting lanes, practice ponds and a variety of accuracy and distance testing challenges. Classes are offered for up to 4 people per instructors and participants can be no younger than 7 years old. To make a reservation please contact our reception at or 1.800.567.6845.


Packages (mornings, afternoons or evenings):

  • Beginner Package (4 hours)
  • Intermediate Package (4 hours)
  • Advanced Package (4 hours)
  • Special Request Courses (fly tying, reading water, stream wading safety and entomology)

Packages Include:

  • World class fishing equipment
  • Fly fishing presentations and demonstrations
  • Hands on classes


  • All Packages = $220 for 1 person (for each additional person add $80)
  • Children (aged 7-10) = $110/child for 2.5 hours
  • Corporate group rates available upon request


Introducing our Instructors

Pat Johnson (Head Guide – FFI certified casting instructor): Pat is an avid outdoorsman spending most of his time fishing, skiing and trekking. He learned to fish at the age of 4 with his father and grand-mother and has been fishing ever since. He picked up fly fishing in 2004 and never looked back. As an alpine ski coach he had the opportunity to travel the world and fly fish from Scandinavia to Patagonia. He has been fishing at Kenauk for over 20 years now and recently learned that as a guide he is following in his grand-father’s footsteps.

Douglas Goosen (FFI certified casting instructor):  Born in South Africa Douglas has been fishing since the age of 5 and fly fishing since 1984. Growing up along the South African coastline he has fished for many different species using multiple techniques. Moving to western Canada in 1999 offered him a wealth of fly fishing experience; Alberta’s Bow River refined his river fishing skills. Since joining us at Kenauk in 2008 Douglas has developed a mountain of experience!

Chris Saunders (Guide):  Chris is a life-long fishing fanatic spending all of his free time fishing across Canada every month of the year. Chris’ pursuit for the next great catch and his passion for all species of fish lends well to Kenauk’s unique fishing diversity. Chris is experienced in guiding clients interested in all forms of fishing practiced at Kenauk including fly-fishing, conventional fishing and ice fishing.

Colin Huff (Guide):Colin has been casting a fly rod into the pristine waters of Kenauk for over 20 years. Growing up under the wings of father, life long Guide and Instructor, John Huff, his passion for fly fishing was destined. Colin has successfully competed at National and International competitions all over the World since 2008. Becoming Commonwealth Champion and Two Time Canadian Champion, Colin has harnessed years of experience and mentorship under the top anglers in the World. He is keen to share his knowledge and love for fly fishing with the guests of Kenauk throughout the 2021 season.

Yvon Locas (Guide- FFI Certified Instructor): Fishing always has been part of Yvon’s favorite outdoor activities including canoeing, sailing, camping and winter sports. As time went by, he tried and enjoyed different fishing techniques until he discovered fly fishing more than 25 years ago. His main motivation is to communicate his passion and share his knowledge with people showing interest in fly fishing, either in a river or a lake. The regions he experimented are mainly located in Quebec where he can catch his preferred species such as bass, pike, trout and salmon.

Simon Beaudoin (Guide- FFI Certified Instructor in Progress): Simon discovered fly fishing almost 20 years ago and quickly became passionate about the sport. Since then, he has been constantly looking for information and training to perfect his knowledge and skills. He quickly became interested in casting instruction and underwent continuous training with a master instructor for 2 years. His passion will lead him to meet several international instructors during an international event in Scotland in 2012. Although he has fished several species, both freshwater and saltwater, it is for Atlantic salmon that he has spent most of his time fishing for 15 years. For 3 years now, he has shared his passion for fly fishing and casting at Kenauk Nature.