Clay Shooting

A Unique Kenauk Experience


For a unique experience, try clay shooting at Kenauk Nature. This exciting activity offers challenges for everyone. The course consists of 9 stations of varying difficulty levels that simulate hunting for small game birds and animals. For those who would like to try shooting for the first time or those who want to improve their score, there is a special teaching stand in which our expert guides can give personalized instruction. Our sporting clay package includes expert guides as well as all required materials such as shotguns, ammunition, eye and ear protection, and vests. Please make reservations at least 48 hours in advance by contacting Kenauk Nature directly at 1.800.567.6845 or emailing

For the clay shooting course the cost is 145$/person for one person, 105$/person for two people, 100$/person for three to ten people and 95$/person for eleven or more people. Average course duration is 2 hours.


Station 1:Levee des BecassesOutgoing Left to right target6 shots
Station 2:Rabbit in slow motionLeft to right target4 shots
Station 3:Springing TealRising target4 shots
Station 4:Mallard ConventionHigh outgoing target6 shots
Station 5:High, les OutardesHigh incoming target6 shots
Station 6:Grouse GullyLow flying target6 shots
Station 7:Branchu PerduOutgoing right to left target6 shots
Station 8:Poils et PlumesRight to left target6 shots
Station 9:Flushing PheasantLeft to right target6 shots
TOTAL50 shots


Combine clay shooting, rifle shooting, and axe throwing for the ultimate shooting experience!

Learn how to properly throw axes like a Viking! This fun activity includes four axe throwing lanes with different scoring areas on each target. Also enjoy target shooting with our air rifles and take down fun targets. The air shooting installation offers three distances to challenge you! And get a taste of our clay shooting course with 25 shots. All lead by enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides.

The shooting experience is 105$/person for 90 minutes which is divided between clay shooting, axe throwing and rifle shooting (30 minutes each). Each activity consists of a clinic on how to properly shoot or throw axes, practice time, and is followed by friendly competition. This activity is available to anyone aged 13 and over and is appropriate regardless of experience level, from beginners to experts. All equipment is provided.