Discovery Activities

Fish Hatchery, Bee Hives, Bug’s Life

Learn about raising fish at our hatchery, the importance of pollinators at our bee hives or participate in a bug’s life activity! Reservations are required. Get a sweet souvenir with a pot of Kenauk honey for sale at our reception.

Our hatchery is located at Whitefish Lake and produces fish to stock into several of our private lakes for your fishing enjoyment! Recent renovations to improve production and comply with stringent environmental standards have taken place. The hatchery produces approximately 25 tons of rainbow, speckled and brown trout every year (that’s about 100,000 adult fish!), providing Kenauk with a secure supply of fish stock. This ensures our lakes will provide a unique angling experience for each and every guest. Yet another fun activity to do at Kenauk Nature!

Walk-in tours are available during the week between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Weekend tours are available on Sundays at 10:00am, for these please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance at our reception.