Whitefish Activity center & Fish Hatchery

Whitefish Lake Activity Center

Whitefish lake lies in the center of Kenauk Nature, 8 km from the entrance gate. This is the center for summer activities and base camp for the nature guides. Canoes and kayaks are available and for the uninitiated, an orientation is given by the nature guides most days throughout the summer. Guided excursions to the marshy river across the lake with its beaver lodges, muskrat dens and varied water plants and birds occur throughout the summer that are well suited to families or couples alike. There is also a small sand beach for children, picnic tables and a grassy area for playing.

Hiking trail 9 starts at the picnic area, and forms a loop through the forest adjacent to Whitefish lake and the Kinonge river. The trail has nature interpretation signs. Allow 1 to 1.5 hours depending on your pace.

Hikes with the nature guides are sure to interest everyone and give insights into spring and summer flowers, edible plants, ancestral uses of the flora, the lives of the deer, moose, chipmunks, squirrels and numerous other species of animals that live in our forests. Fall is the perfect time for hiking the many trails as the forest of maples and birch are plastered with leaves in the shades of red, orange and yellow for which the Canadian forest is famous.

Fish Hatchery

Our fish hatchery is also located at Whitefish Lake and is now open and producing fish to stock several of our private lakes for your fishing enjoyment!

Recent renovations to improve production and comply with stringent environmental standards have taken place. The hatchery will produce approximately 25 tons of rainbow, speckled and brown trout every year (that’s about 100,000 adult fish!), providing Kenauk with a secure supply of fish stock. This ensures our lakes will provide a unique angling experience for each and every guest.

Note that in order to protect our trout, no visits of the Kenauk Hatchery or its ponds are authorized.