Explore off the beaten path.

Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years; an ancient mode of transport facilitating movement in the winter. But yesteryear’s necessity is now a popular winter sport.

This readily accessible activity is easy to learn, keeps you fit, and gets you outdoors in the cold winter months. It’s simplicity has made it one of the fastest growing winter sports in the world! Ideal for people who enjoy running and hiking, snowshoeing is the perfect way to explore our winter paradise. Kenauk has a network of trails of varying levels and suitable for all ages.

Trail conditions are contingent on the weather, please call our front gate for accurate trail updates. Dress for the elements and enjoy!

Daily access fee (not applicable for chalet guests) = 30$/day (tax-in) – 65$/family/day (tax-in)
Family = 2 adults – up to 3 kids

Trail 9
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate
Distance: 1.6km loop or 3.0km loop
Description: This trail weaves through many forest types, including a century old Hemlock forest. It also follows the Kinonge River where you’ll be taken aback by the beautiful scenery.

Trails 4 & 5
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 3.6km or 4.6km round trip
Description: This trail descends slowly through a young hardwood forest towards the Kinonge River. You then have the choice to turn right or left and follow the river downstream or upstream. This trail merges with the Canadian Ski Marathon trail.

Trail 1 – Skymount
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 2.1km each way
Description: This trail climbs steadily, eventually ending at the top of Mount Skymount. Along the way you’ll walk along the bed of a springtime river and then traverse a beaver dam.

Trail 10 – Baldy Mountain
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 8.5km total
Description: Hiking up Baldy Mountain you’ll reach the first lookout point with breathtaking views of Papineau Lake and you can even catch a hint of Mont-Tremblant on the horizon. At this point you can keep going for another 1.5km towards the second Baldy point of view (the trail descends into a saddle before climbing back up to the rock plateau). From there, you’ll be able to experience Kenauk in all its glory.