Cross-Country Skiing

Glide through winter.

An affordable, easy to learn activity, cross country skiing is a great sport suitable for all ages and Kenauk offers a network of three trails for all levels of experience. The trails are groomed with both single and double tracks as well as a skating lane on the beginner trail. Cross country skiing at Kenauk is a great activity for families and the perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of our winter wonderland. Trail conditions are contingent on the weather, please call our front gate for accurate trail updates. Note that Kenauk does not offer cross country ski gear rental.

Daily access fee (not applicable for chalet guests) = 30$/adult/day (tax-in) – 65$/family/day (tax-in)
Family = 2 adults – up to 3 kids
Note that pets are not allowed on the ski trails.

Download a map of the cross country ski trails

Family Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.9km
Type: classic only

Red Run Trail
Difficulty: Easy
Distance: up to 8km (one way)
Type: classic only

Balsam Loop Trail
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 13km to 16km depending on the starting point (13km = Red Run start, 16km = Gate start)
Type: classic only

Lucky Loop Trail
Difficulty: Advanced
Distance: 15.5km
Type: classic only

Montebello Connector Trail
Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 12km
Type: classic only

Canadian Ski Marathon (CSM)
The CSM is North America’s longest and oldest Nordic ski tour. It is a two-day, 160 kilometer ski event that is divided into 5 sections each day, with an average of 16 kms per section. Unlike most ski events, there are no winners or losers in the Canadian Ski Marathon: it is not a race. The event offers something for everyone, regardless of age, endurance or ability. Tourers and families who ski less than the full distance make up about half the participants. Each skier can select his/her own level of challenge and try to achieve it.

The CSM takes place in February on a trail that spans the Lachute – Montebello – Mont Tremblant and Gatineau regions of Québec. Many of the trail sections wind through the Kenauk property making Kenauk an ideal place to train for the marathon, stay during the weekend itself or just enjoy the picturesque groomed trails.

For more information on the CSM or to register, please visit their website at www.skimarathon.ca.

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