Clay Shooting

A unique Kenauk experience

For a unique experience, try clay shooting at Kenauk Nature. This exciting activity offers challenges for everyone. The course consists of 9 stations of varying difficulty levels that simulate hunting for small game birds and animals. For those who would like to try shooting for the first time or those who want to improve their score, there is a special teaching stand in which our expert guides can give personalized instruction. Our sporting clay package includes all required materials such as shotguns, ammunition, eye and ear protection, vests and trap guides.


Station 1: Levee des Becasses Outgoing Left to right target 6 shots
Station 2: Rabbit in slow motion Left to right target 4 shots
Station 3: Springing Teal Rising target 4 shots
Station 4: Mallard Convention High outgoing target 6 shots
Station 5: High, les Outardes High incoming target 6 shots
Station 6: Grouse Gully Low flying target 6 shots
Station 7: Branchu Perdu Outgoing right to left target 6 shots
Station 8: Poils et Plumes Right to left target 6 shots
Station 9: Flushing Pheasant Left to right target 6 shots
TOTAL 50 shots